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Understanding Your Body. Generally it is the stimulation of the pudendal and cavernous nerves in the penis The “sweet spot” is not an intensely pleasurable

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While the head/glans (ridge around/just under the head) of the penis is usually very sensitive, the proper “sweet spot” of the penis is normally located approx. 1

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Read the video transcript Quick Health Advice: Penis Spots. Finding a spot or spots on your penis can often induce blind panic. However, in this exclusive guide, Dr

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G-Spots And Penis Sizes; G-Spots And Penis Sizes Get the G-Spot Right With All Kinds Of Penis Sizes. Dr. Hernando Chaves. September 25, 2011 . Share

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Aug 11, 2008 · I’ve heard that guys have a “sweet spot” on their penis; can anyone tell me where on the penis a sweet spot is usually located?

The Sweet Spot massager is aptly named because it directly targets the G-spot. With a sleek design, discreet size, and smooth coating, the Sweet Spot is angled to

Jun 24, 2008 · Sweet spots on penis . Where are the sweet spots on a penis? 😀 Mens Health – Penis the best spot-the area between testicles & sphincter.

Rusty sighed with pleasure when his wife kissed the sweet spot on his neck the most sensitive spot on the penis sweet spot; Sweet Stache; sweet stanky thang;

Just found my most intense sweet spot on my penis. It’s ballooning time again! I thought I had found it before but now I know exactly where it is. I have pinpointed it.

Men everywhere have been searching for ways to locate and stimulate their female partner’s G-spots. As a matter of fact, the G-spot has been the obsession of man

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